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The Warlock paragon path Feytouched grants the feature Slashing Wake:

Slashing Wake (11th level): Once per turn, when you leave a square by teleporting, enemies adjacent to that square take damage equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Are there any feats, features, items, or other means of increasing this damage?

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Not really.

It's not a hit and it's not a damage roll, which excludes most damage boosters right off the bat. It's untyped damage, so it can't benefit from vulnerability, and it's not a power, so you can't use anything to change its damage type.

You might take a look at the Long Night Scion paragon path, which has a similar ability that deals cold damage (and can therefore benefit from cold vulnerability from the frost cheese combo).

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As Oblivious Sage said, you can not really increase the damage itself, but you can convert minions to damage this way.

With a Rain of Hammers Ki Focus and good positioning you can kill one minion with a teleport, and deal 2+Enhancement bonus to another adjacent enemy.

With a Reaper's Axe, you kill a minion, finish the teleport, and then make an Eldritch Strike against a more worthy foe.

Of course 2 sessions after you put this together your DM will stop using minions alltogether.

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