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Is there any equivalent to a metamagic feats that can be applied to martial maneuvers. For example a maximized death in the dark would be amazing.

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There are no official feats of this sort

Tome of Battle has zero official support outside of Tome of Battle itself, and the closest the book comes to this are the tactical feats associated with each school (which really isn’t like this at all).

Homebrew has done it, several times.

For example, this person made some, and someone retorted with this set, which he or she felt was a better execution of the concept. They’re not alone (and I can’t vouch for these particular ones), but the concept is out there if you look. Giant in the Playground, in particular, has a lot of quality Tome of Battle-based homebrew.

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Or rather, I should say, not officially.

There's this homebrew, which is copy-pasta'd metamagic feats turned into 'metainitiation' feats.

There's also this homebrew discipline, which is a bit better written and about boosting your other martial disciplines (kind of like Tae Kwon Do).

The only official similar thing is the Empower Supernatural Ability feat from Tome of Magic, as some few maneuvers are called out as being Su instead of Ex.

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