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Long time D&D'er, I purchased the 5th edition Shadowrun Core Rulebook.

Now I am in a bit of a pickle, as with most things when reading trough the books I usually get a gest of the rules, but I need some breakdown or spoken tutorial for all the information to crystallize in my head.

So the question is, can people help me find an easy breakdown or maybe a video tutorial of being a game master and making runs for Shadowrun.

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The first thing that comes to mind when I read this question is the Quick Start Rules that they released. This is an official and free document as far as I'm aware and should at least give you a frame for what to do. Because this is designed for comprehension from the uninitiated the setup is a little more intuitive and a lot less spread out than the core rulebook, which is a fairly dense volume.

As a personal note, the way I make myself accustomed to a system is through character creation. Usually when I make a character it gives me a nice logical flow as to how it works. The game will say "determine/pick this" and if it's not obvious, I'll start looking at the index/Table of Contents and look for a section that more satisfactorily explains the concept. Lather, rinse, repeat until the first character is made. After that? Make a character with a different concept. Maybe I've started with a straightforward street samurai and now I want to look at an Adept. Then a sorcerer. Just sit down and take some time and work with it. Granted, you've mentioned you're a more aural learner, which makes it difficult if you lack anyone experienced in this system. There seem to be a few videos on YouTube of recorded play segments but I haven't watched them to link to anything with confidence. While these aren't meant to teach the game they do provide a session in progress to get a feel.

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