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On the eve of 5th edition, there has been a great deal of bit rot since the dark days of 2003-2004. Forums have lived and died, and many of the trivial searches on google show ancient threads.

Therefore, is there a list or resource for the most up to date, well formatted (i.e., updated since the "Gleemax" days) and comprehensive optimisation handbooks for 3.5?

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I also asked this question because it'll be useful to link people to it. – Brian Ballsun-Stanton May 25 '14 at 1:15

Minmaxboards Handbook Index is the most updated and complete. It includes some old 339 content and some gitp content.

Minmaxboards Pathfinder Handbook Index is where their PF content is collated.

Giantitp nuked all it's sticky threads, so their indexes are mostly gone.

All the 339 stuff is either ported or gone, very few handbooks or optimization resources remain through the board churn and numerous content nukes.

Minmaxboards is the most-used and only updated Handbook/Resource Index i've been able to find.

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Min/Max Boards' Handbook Index has a seemingly exhaustive and up-to-date collection of optimization handbooks, although you may have to sift through to separate the 3.5 content from Pathfinder.

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