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The rules mention that healing wind takes ~5 minutes, but it doesn't define how long healing wounds takes. Does that mean it only takes a single action? Can you just spend action after action decreasing the severity of wounds?

Healin’ Wind: On a Foolproof (3) medicine roll of any kind (including a default roll from someone who couldn’t tell one end of a scalpel from another), someone can bandage scrapes or give the sufferer some water to eliminate all Wind. The hero can even do this for himself in a pinch. This takes about five minutes. Otherwise your hero gets his Wind back at the rate of 1 per minute.

Healin’ Wounds: Real wounds are trickier. A medicine roll can be made for an attempt to offer aid to someone up to one hour after an injury. A character with the medicine: general Aptitude can heal light and heavy wounds. Only a sawbones with medicine: surgery can heal more severe wounds. The doctor has to roll once for each wounded area. If successful, the roll reduces the area’s wounds by one level. The TN depends on the wound level. Maimed limbs cannot be healed by normal means, but you can still try to stop the bleeding. After the “golden hour” has passed, a wound can only be healed by time or certain arcane processes. Doctors really can’t do a whole lot for a broken bone that’s surrounded by swollen tissue or a gash that’s already started to heal on it’s own. Still, you have to take what’s available.

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