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I'm preparing to run a game with a group. I've been a player in the group for a while. I've done D&D in several groups, but doubt I'd be called a veteran. It has too many rules to remember, even as a player.

The group has pretty experienced players, and I don't think any of us would want one of those super-simple RPGs that's 20 pages long. We've played WoD, Pathfinder, and are starting an Eclipse Phase game now.

One of the other members of the group suggested Star Wars. I do like SF more than fantasy, but I'm not sure if I like the universe of Star Wars enough.

I am curious about Deadlands-the playing cards and chips seems to match the setting. Most RPGs just use dice, which while effective doesn't particularly fit setting. I haven't researched how complex this game is, though.

I am reading through the core books for those games, but are there any other suggestions for systems that aren't that complicated?

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Hello, here on RPG.SE we've decided to require very strong requirements around game-rec questions (see the links in the tag wiki) so that it everyone on the site doesn't just throw out their favorite game yet again. So if you have very specific requirements flesh them out, but you'd probably be better served looking at some of the existing game-rec questions about starter games. rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/18619/… and rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/24329/… –  mxyzplk Jun 7 at 14:06
Your two requirements (very loosely defined), seem to be: 1. Does not have a lot of rules, and 2. Has a rulebook bigger than 20 pages. They seem to be pretty much at odds with each other and you jump all over the place in what you might like. –  Joshua Aslan Smith Jun 7 at 15:41
Yeah, wanting something "simple" and noting the current game you're playing is Eclipse Phase tells me that "not complicated" is defined as just about every RPG ever. –  mxyzplk Jun 7 at 16:44