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We played a one-shot of Mountain Witch and some people have expressed interest in a similar game but whe don't feel like just reshuffling the dark destinies. Has anybody written similar scenarios or continued a game that started as a Mountain Witch game?

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Two games, Cold City and its follow-up Hot War, draw heavily from The Mountain Witch. You could even say they're extended hacks for handling the fiction of a very different time and place.

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If your players really liked the trust mechanic, Apocalypse World uses something very similar. If they really liked the setting, perhaps Kagematsu? Although that's a one-shot game as well.

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Here is a report of a game which used the rules from The Mountain Witch for an Apocalypse Now type of game. There's enough detail to enable you to recreate it, I should think.

Alternatively, I'd second C. Edwards and suggest Cold City, which is a similar sort of thing, and a very good game in its own right.

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Wow, this report is awesome. – Alex Schröder Aug 27 '10 at 23:29

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