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I'm building a half-elf with the drow-blooded racial trait. What items or spells (or anything else), can my character use to overcome light blindness?

I came across this great question and answer related to D&D 3.5. What Pathfinder items and spells exist?

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A quick google search on reveals:

There's also the unofficial cantrip penumbra (from a Paizo blog supplement to Ultimate Magic). The higher level spell does offer protection to vampires and such as well, so maybe the cantrip is justified.

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Have you considered blindsense or blindsight?

Classes: Oracle (Oracles Curse - Clouded Vision)

Items: Blindfold of True Darkness (Arms & Equipment, but not sure if this is 3.5 or Pathfinder), Swordmasters Blindfold (only 5ft, but comes with Locate Weakness)

There looks to be discussion about it here as well: playing-a-blinded-character-in-low-levels

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