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I'm looking at the stats for a Brown Bear and trying to figure out how to advance them (for a druid animal companion). All of the derived stats make sense to me except for the Bite damage - why is this 2d6+4 and not 2d6+8?

Basically I'm wondering if the full strength bonus is being applied to bite damage or not, so that I can figure out how the damage changes as the animal's strength increases.

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The bite is a secondary natural weapon, as it shows up in the full attack but not in the attack line of the stat block.

When a creature has more than one natural weapon, one of them (or sometimes a pair or set of them) is the primary weapon. All the creature’s remaining natural weapons are secondary.

The primary weapon is given in the creature’s Attack entry, and the primary weapon or weapons is given first in the creature’s Full Attack entry. A creature’s primary natural weapon is its most effective natural attack, usually by virtue of the creature’s physiology, training, or innate talent with the weapon. An attack with a primary natural weapon uses the creature’s full attack bonus. Attacks with secondary natural weapons are less effective and are made with a -5 penalty on the attack roll, no matter how many there are. (Creatures with the Multiattack feat take only a -2 penalty on secondary attacks.) This penalty applies even when the creature makes a single attack with the secondary weapon as part of the attack action or as an attack of opportunity.

Secondary natural weapons get half strength bonus:

A creature’s primary attack damage includes its full Strength modifier (1½ times its Strength bonus if the attack is with the creature’s sole natural weapon) and is given first. Secondary attacks add only ½ the creature’s Strength bonus and are given second in the parentheses.

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Ah, "secondary" was the search keyword I was missing out on.... – shaydwyrm Jun 27 '14 at 18:38

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