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The rules on page 222 of the God Machine Rules update state:

Entities in Twilight can only attack or be attacked by other ephemeral beings of the same type, unless the attack utilizes the entity’s bane. Physical attacks on a manifest entity that normally cause lethal damage only cause bashing damage unless the attack utilizes the entity’s bane. Despite appearing to the naked eye and being solid, a manifest spirit, ghost, or angel doesn’t have any internal organs to injure.

Can my logic on this be checked?

  • Angels are a type of Ephemeral Being, along with spirits and ghosts.

  • As such, unless they activate a suitable ability, like Materialise, they exist in a state of Twilight.

  • While in the state of Twilight, an being is invisible, and unable to interact with, physical objects except via suitable powers, eg telekinesis.

  • Physical objects, including attacks, similarly can not effect the Ephemeral Being, while in Twilight

  • As a Demon is not a Empherial Being of the same type as an Angel (anymore).

    • While in the Twilight the Angel can not attack the demon,
    • Not physical or though the Blast Numen.
  • The Demon can not attack the Angel in the Twilight:

    • unless it works out where it is and attacks using its bane
    • or it could use Abjuration or Exorcism. (that is moral only)
    • these solutions are open to everyone, including mortals
  • The Angel can make what ever other actions it likes, so long at it isn't an attack, and doens't involve moving physical objects. This includes:

    • The Drain Numina (to take all their willpower, though drain can become suck if they loose)
    • Th Hallucinations Numina, to screw with them
    • Awe, Rapture and Dement, to give them conditions.

Is this correct? Are demons no more able to protect themselves/Fight back than morals? and are exactly as vulnerable to attacks (asside from there supernatural resistance)?

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Mostly correct, with the following extra abilities:

  • All Demons can sense Aetheric Resonance so that they can tell if an Angel is around.
  • They can run to a Bolthole with the No Twilight add-on to make fighting the Angel easier.
  • The Ephemeral Cover Exploit lets you get a Twilight form.
  • Gadgets bend the rules, letting you be more versatile... and one example gadget is a weapon that can hurt ephemeral creatures.
  • Various Embeds, Exploits, and Form abilities may increase resistances.

Other than that, from what I can tell, Demons are vulnerable to Angels and other ephemeral beings.

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