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One of the big features of the new 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons is a return to the low-power campaigns of the past. This corresponds with a metaplot event "The Sundering" which makes many magic items become inert as well as contributing to an overall general lack of magic throughout the default campaign setting. We also don't yet have any official guidelines for DMs to hand out scrolls through loot as part of the basic rules (and probably won't until the release of the DMG). This current situation makes choosing spells for your wizard as you gain levels extremely important because you might not get an opportunity to purchase or find scrolls to supplement your spellbook for at least a month or two.

If you assume that a hypothetical evocation wizard has the standard array of ability scores {15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8} and allocates the highest score to intelligence (with no racial bonus), what is the optimal selection of spells in the event that he reaches level 20 without being able to add more spells to his spellbook aside from those he gains from taking class levels?

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Optimized for what though? You get pretty much all of the spells except 14 so it might be better if you asked which spells to avoid. Though tbh building my wizard I didn't see many spells that were clear avoids. In my experience the L3 list got the short end of the stick though. –  wax eagle Jul 17 at 10:24
Put on hold - there is no "single general optimal set" of spells/abilities/etc., there's only an optimal set for a very specific end goal. What is it? –  mxyzplk Jul 17 at 14:13
We're looking for a phrase like this: "Optimum wizard for doing X", where X is the thing you want to be optimal at. Evocation is neither here nor there. Consider that you might (maybe?) want an optimum direct damage wizard. But I want an optimum wizard for debuffing enemies or making them useless, or I want one that has maximum AOE effectiveness, single target be damned. Even if the game doesn't support these things well yet, I can still ask for, and kinda accomplish, optimum builds or doing these other things. So what's X for you? –  doppelgreener Jul 17 at 22:21
Assuming that the Evoker is optimal for all wizards is itself problematic. If you want to ask about optimising a 5e blaster wizard, ask that, but positing that there is only one optimal wizard for every campaign, player, villain, etc. isn't a reasonable premise. –  SevenSidedDie Jul 17 at 22:24
No we're not. This is how hard you have to work to ask optimization questions here. There's a meta about our history of crap optimization questions, and requiring very specific requirements is the only reason they're not banned. –  SevenSidedDie Jul 17 at 22:26