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The text from Somatic reads that the caster must have a hand free to gesture with when they cast a spell with a somatic component.

None of the conditions such as restrained or grappled seem to restrict hand motion.

Am I missing something or are these conditions useless for preventing the casting of somatic component spells?

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You still need an action to cast a spell. Certain conditions disallow actions or restrict a character to specific actions. I don't have the rules at hand, but from memory I'd say that being grappled and held restricts you to actions that break the hold. –  nvoigt Jul 21 at 15:53
@nvoigt neither restrict action. Yes, obviously conditions like unconscious, petrified and incapacitated prevent you from casting any spells. –  wax eagle Jul 21 at 15:56
@waxeagle Is your intent to restrict answers to RAW only, or would you welcome other interpretations? –  GMJoe Jul 22 at 2:38

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Basically the rule requires you don't wield a weapon or shield without a feat that allows you to.

Page 79 under material component.

A spell caster must have a hand free to access these components , but it can be the same hand used for the somatic components.

So yes those conditions are not useful for distracting a wizard. The best thing you can do is be adjacent to the wizard, or hurt them so they need to make a concentration check.

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