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I'm a bit confused about this one.

Like, almost every melee class have an at-will power that is basically equivalent:

Main Stat VS AC
1[W]+Stat modifier + Stat modifier Temp HP on hit.

Fighters have it, Avengers have it, barbarians, paladins, etcetc. They all have the power that does roughly the same thing, and is balanced and equivalent.

Then, Battlemind happens.

Not only is it a Resistance to all damage and therefore applies to every attack, but it's an effect and therefore applies even on a miss.

Is it just me or it's somewhat gamebreaking for an at-will power?

Basically, hit or miss, he gains that DR. So he can have it almost permanently.

I understand that this power might become weaker as the levels progresses, but so does every "equivalent" power with the temp HP... ?

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Would be good to include the text for Iron Fist, or to explain how it's different than your example power, which is formatted in a confusing way. Didn't know what the question was until I read the answer. – DCShannon Aug 25 '14 at 21:49

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The Resist lasts one turn. THP last until taken away (when hit).

So, given the same value (e.g. 4, which is not game-breaking):

  • Resist for one turn is better if the character is hit twice.

  • THP is better if the character is not hit.

  • The two buffs are numerically identical if the character is hit just once before the next turn.

It is a more reasonable trade-off than it might seem at first sight.

Also, THP stack with resistances gained from other powers, whilst this relatively weak resist will not. That applies the other way around of course, but there are some nicer Resist-based Utility powers available to the Battlemind that will not stack with this power.

There is a Battlemind PC in my group, we have played from Level 1 to Level 11, and he did not rate the power enough compared to mobility- or mark-based ones to ever take it.

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