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Are there are means for clerics to cast spells with incompatible alignment descriptors?

I can think of two possibilities. The first is creating a spell that temporary switches the caster's alignment. The second is using UMD to fool the spell—but the exact wording of the UMD rules makes me skeptical that that's a valid use.

So, can I build a slippy cleric?

Small update: I search for the cheapest way to turn any outsider with the turn anathema spell. But there are other helpful usages, such as summon monster.

After reading the answer I have impression that investing skill points into UMD and having some scrolls in the equipment list would be the easiest way.

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Yes, a cleric can UMD items of opposed alignment spells. UMD is always available for activating any item, regardless of your class or class features. This is also why a specialist wizard can use UMD to activate items from banned schools.

Doing so is still an aligned action, so doing so too often can change your alignment and put you in disfavor with your patron.

The other major option is to be in Eberron. The Eberron Campaign Setting waives the alignment restrictions on clerics.

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It might be worth noting that using Use Magic Device to cast a spell while emulating a different alignment requires a hefty skill check to make it work. –  Cypher Jul 24 at 0:57
divine insight spell may help to overcome this check –  ayvango Jul 24 at 1:20
If I understand the question correctly, the OP is asking whether they can use UMD to overcome alignment restrictions on preparing/casting spells directly, not on using items containing spells. (Though, "No, but you can UMD scrolls" would probably be a valid frame-challenge answer.) –  SevenSidedDie Jul 24 at 1:26
@SevenSidedDie Oh, uh. Huh. I don't get that from the reading, but yeah, that's definitely not going to work like that. –  KRyan Jul 24 at 1:26
@ayvango Is that what you meant? –  KRyan Jul 24 at 1:27

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