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With the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Basic Rules being a free PDF, they are practically the SRD.

But is there a license available for content creators that want to create commercial products based on 5e?

Wizards still lists only the Revised 3.5 under OGL and 4e GSL, but I realize that 5e is still in the release process.

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No OGL/GSL for 5e yet. Plan was an announcement @ 2014 fall and release in 2015.

At this stage, there does not exist a public license that grants you the right to create contents based on D&D 5e, whether commercial or not.

Here is an official post about it:

We want to ensure that the quality of anything D&D fans create is as high as possible. Basic D&D is aimed at new players ... not for material that you want to share broadly.

It'll take time for everyone to absorb the rules and how they all interact.

While the details are still in flux, we can say that we plan to announce the details of our plans sometime this fall. After that announcement, we plan on launching our program in early 2015.

This matches some other third party comments, which hints that they want to do something different from OGL:

Mearls' plan for D&D is largely the same goals that were created for the OGL. The difference was that the OGL (assumed) that publishers would create a better game by cooperating through iterative design; instead, authors were motivated to ignore each others' innovations and recreate the same rules so that they were paid additional cents per word.

It may be related that Wizards has not granted any translation license yet. Perhaps the developers are focusing on core rulebooks and neglected licenses. The real reason may be unrelated, of course.

Time will tell.

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No information has been revealed about this yet. News about such plans are only planned to be revealed for a release in 2015

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While there isn't currently a 5e license, its worth consideration to see what can be done with the 3.x license that is otherwise compatible with 5e.

The great example of this is Primal Thule 5e, a book from Sasquatch Studios that as of this date just exited Kickstarter (they had a compatible version for 4e and Pathfinder). The developers have worked on 5e materials for WotC/Hasbro and have crafted their "5e" book based on the 3.x license.

So the takeaway lesson here is that you can make 5e compatible materials, just not with a non-existent 5e license.

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