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I'm looking for a DM tool like Masterplan for 5e (standalone tool, offline preferred) for making loot tables, plot and quest tracking. Or maybe is there an Add-on to the original Masterplan for other editions?

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I'd advise you to wait and stick to traditional planning for now. Tho Masterplan is an excellent tool for mapping out your campaign and registering plot-related data, you have to take into account that 5th Edition isn't officially out yet, and it's nearly impossible to develop a software for it on its current state, since we don't even have Monster Data outside of Playtest and Starter Set.

I'm impatient too, but I bet you can make do with Masterplan for now. Only 20 days left for the release of Full Basic PDF, and even then don't expect someone to pull off a DMing software for the time being, give it time.

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yeah i know, i was wondering if i can atleast change some values but well i think i should wait :( –  Bomberclaw Jul 31 at 20:56

The 5E digital tools are currently in beta and are called Codename: Morningstar.

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This is awesome to note. Thanks for the information. I missed it somehow. –  Aviose Aug 1 at 14:47

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