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In D&D 5e, I can't find a skill check for identifying monsters. (Other than Arcana for planar monsters). Can PCs identify monsters, and if so, what skill should they use? (Or is it just a Wis/Int check?)

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@SteveC Both of which were asked well after this question, but yes. – Miniman Apr 23 at 17:00
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It's almost certainly going to be Wis and Int Checks. The question is which skill proficiencies will apply to those checks depending on what their origin is.

This is generally the Purview of the Monster Manual and DMG, however, Mearls has said that more of Basic D&D is will be released this coming week. We should know a lot more when Basic D&D expands.

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Thanks! One more thing I'm hoping will be in the PHB I guess... – Miniman Aug 10 '14 at 13:56
Took me a while to find a link for the expansion of Basic, I'll add it here in case anyone else goes looking: escapist – Miniman Aug 10 '14 at 14:06
-1 This answer needs to be updated. I'm surprised it didn't get more support, since players always ask if they "recall" something about any new creature they're confronted with. – Meta4ic Apr 13 at 20:51

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