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The Crossbow Expert feat lets you use a Hand Crossbow in your offhand and take a shot when you attack with your main hand.

Most people I've seen, seem to think this will allow Dual Wielding Hand Crossbows. What I'm curious about is if you get dex mod to damage on the second shot. There are two lines of thought I've come up with on this.

Either it follows the TWF model, where you do not get the offhand weapon's modifier without an extra feat, or it follows the Monk's Bonus attack model, which grants the modifier.

I'm not sure which way to land on this.

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The way the feat is worded, it's not actually using the TWF rules. The feat itself allows you to use the crossbow in your offhand as a bonus action, so you get the Dex mod to damage.

A trend can be noticed with feats is that they rarely require another feat to be useful for the character concept. (Though there are some obvious exceptions )

If the intention of the feat was to not allow you the bonus, it would instead allow you to use the handcross bow in your off hand for two weapon fighting.

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Ok, so assuming this is correct. Is it balanced? You end up with Hand Crossbows as the best ranged weapons. Even if you take a feat with a longbow. 2d6+Dex is better than 1d8+dex+10 with a to hit penalty from Sharpshooter? – Lee Aug 14 '14 at 19:17
Based on the numbers you gave I'd say the longbow is better. The average of 1d8 is 4.5 so the average damage would be (4)+10+Dex = 14+Dex (pessimistically). Average for 2d6 is 7, so you get average damage = 7+Dex. Of course, those are just the averages when you hit. Once you get into hit chance the question changes to "Is it better to hit more often for less damage, or less often for more damage" – D.Spetz Aug 14 '14 at 20:00

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