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I'm looking through the PHB and I notice that none of the Classes explicitly state an Alignment or Race limitation.

There is flavor text, but there is nothing that looks like a rule. I see some stuff scattered around, e.g., Alignments lists Paladins under Lawful Good. This seems like an actual rule since it doesn't say "Many Paladins" or "Most Paladins" but very definitively "Paladins". I know that Paladins are Lawful Good in older revisions, but assuming I knew nothing about D&D, is there a definitive (RAW) grid somewhere in the PHB or supplemental documentation?

Or is a Neutral Good Tiefling Rogue perfectly acceptable?

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There is no hard rule about alignments and classes, or classes and races. The book specifies generalities, and also gives counter examples. For example, in the Paladin class under the Oath of Vengence Tenets (page 88 of the Player's Handbook), it says that Oath of Vengence Paladins are often Neutral or Lawful Neutral in alignment.

A neutral good tiefling rogue is perfectly acceptable.

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just found this... sorry for the troll, but page 83 of the PHB states "As guardians against the forces of wickedness, paladins are rarely of any evil alignment." Sounds to me as if any choice is playable, as long as you work the back story right.

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...what troll? What are you apologizing for? This is a little specific to paladins, when the question was more general (and if anything, specifically about rogues), but it’s an answer to the question, backed up by a book quotation; those are the most important aspects of a good answer. In this case, you do seem a little off-target (paladin was given as an example, it’s not the primary question), plus GMNoob had already answered the question quite well (we prefer new answers provide new information), but ultimately it’s quite close to a good answer. Check out the Tour; it can really help. – KRyan Mar 9 '15 at 18:21
Having read that I want to remove my original downvote but can't as the answer needs to be edited first... – harlandski Mar 10 '15 at 6:48

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