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Is anti-gravity technology available in the world of Shadowrun?

If so, how widespread is its use, and which official source books and/or novels deal with it?

Official sources only, please. Thanks.

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The short answer is No.

There is no anti-gravity technology available that would not be available in the real world today. Obviously, shadowrun technology is more advanced and cheaper, so owning a helicopter, VTOL vehicle, hoovercraft or maglev train is not out of the question, but there was no technological breakthrough in that direction.

Magic can make things levitate and fly, but that's not exactly technology.

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But maybe someone is working on it, and maybe someone else wants to get that top scientist on their side so maybe they can figure it out first. Maybe you know the guys who can do that. – Codeacula Aug 29 '14 at 12:47

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