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In D&D 4e, a creature can perform a move action instead of a standard action, allowing them to perform two move actions in a turn.

Stinking Cloud allows you to create a zone and furthermore says:

...As a move action, you can move the zone up to 6 squares.

Can you move the stinking cloud twice in the same round?

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If it says Move Action and they spend a move action, I'd let the character do it.

Just as an aside, as a D.M. I'd be thinking stationary target and Opportunity Attacks.

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The actual rule is (page 269, PHB):

You can take a move action or a minor action instead of a standard action, and you can take a minor action instead of a move action.

There's no requirement for the two move actions to be the same (or different, for that matter).

So you can take any two move actions in a round, which can include moving a stinking cloud twice (or moving yourself and then moving the cloud, or retrieving something from a bag and then moving, etc.).

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