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What's the range of touch attacks when using the Spell Sniper Feat? Is it 10ft or 30ft as with the sorcerer meta feat that doubles range?

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I think you need to make your question more clear: you are asking about the combination of the Feat Spell Sniper and the sorcerer class feature Metamagic: Distant Spell, which would give touch spells a range of 30 feet, right? – Brian_Drozd Aug 31 '14 at 0:14

It has no effect. The range is still "touch"

The range of "touch" is not number, so doubling touch would be like "two hand touch" or something silly.

Point being, touch is not a numerical range and as such cannot be doubled.

if you had a feat or spell or other ability to increase your natural reach you would be able to cast touch spells at further distances, but this feat does nothing to extend your reach, just the range of spells with numerical values.

In the case of the sorcerer meta magic power "Distant Spell", it specifically gives a range to touch attacks (30'), that would be doubled to 60' with this feat.

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Though am I the only one who think that casting touch spells using Patty Cake would be awesome. =D – Chryckan Aug 31 '14 at 7:31

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