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The phrase "Create Influence" shows up a few times like a noun in the text, however, I'm only able to find two references in the text to it, and those are using it. I'm assuming it's documented under a different name, where can I find out what "Create Influence" actually entails? (this is specifically quoted from p225 of GM, but appears to be the same in DtD)

Causing the Condition: The Infrastructure Condition, unlike Anchor and Resonant Conditions, is never naturally- occurring. The God-Machine requires effort to prepare the way for its angels: extended actions by cultists, unwitting pawns, or even other angels to create Infrastructure. High-Rank angels can use the Create Influence to instill this Condition on behalf of themselves or a subordinate angel. In addition, characters with the Destiny Merit are always subject to this Condition.

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No sooner do I post the question, than I scroll to the answer. p224 of GM

•••• Create The entity can create a new example of its sphere of influence; creating a new anchor, instilling an emotion, creating a new sapling or young plant, creating a young animal or brand new object. The entity can cause a temporary Anchor, Infrastructure, or Resonant Condition in a subject for the duration of the Influence. The cost is four Essence.

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