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Not many! The options consist mainly of experimental indie RPGs and more traditional games from the 1980s.

On the indie end of the spectrum, there is Ewen Cluney's Hikikomori, a 24-hour RPG (and hence unplaytested).

There is also Jackson Tegu's The Smoke Dream. I've played an earlier version of this, which didn't really work for me, but it's possible he's developed it since. It's an interesting concept, in which you deal yourself a maze of cards.

On the more traditional side, you might try Tunnels and Trolls, which has included solo versions since its early days. I remember Buffalo Castle well: if you click on that link, you'll find an online version.

The recently relaunched Maelstrom RPG also includes a solo adventure.

Finally, the 1980s Fighting Fantasy gamebooks have found a new lease of life on the iPhone. And there is always, of course, Choose Your Own Adventure.

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I'd add beloved to the list:… – Zachiel Sep 22 '12 at 10:57

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