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In one game I'm currently playing, I have a Riding Horse which has just taken damage as part of an aura. This helped me to better realize that the horse is indeed a creature - not just a piece of equipment.

So, my next pondering thought became "How do I heal this horse, if he gets too beat up?"

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Your mount has one surge per tier. It does not have a second wind.

This is defined in the glossaryDDI

Monsters and NPCs: As a general rule, monsters and nonplayer characters have a number of healing surges based on their tier: one healing surge at the heroic tier (1st–10th levels), two healing surges at the paragon tier (11th–20th levels), and three healing surges at the epic tier (21st–30th levels).

Without a second wind, you will need to provide your mount with any healing necessary or wait until the end of a short rest to allow the mount to use its healing surge(s) by itself.

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