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Lightning Shift is a 6th Level Sorcerer Utility Encounter Power that is a move action.

Effect: You shift your speed. You ignore difficult terrain during the shift.

If the sorcerer is knocked prone can she use this power before standing up?

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Part of the definition of ProneDDI is:

You can’t move from your space, although you can teleport, crawl, or be forced to move by a pull, a push, or a slide.

Lightning shift does not use one of the forms of movement that can allow a creature to move while prone.

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In order to use Lightning Shift while prone, you need to take one of a number of feats or items:

In rough order from least onerous to most:

  • Feet slot: Floorfighter Straps
  • Feat: Low Crawl
  • Acrobat's Boots and other effects: while using a minor to stand up isn't exactly shifting while prone, they allow you to shift on the same turn that you were prone. Still, not quite answering the question
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