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A vampire wants to embrace a ghoul (which is, of course, blood-bonded to the vampire).

Once the embrace takes place, what happens?

  • The new childe is still fully blood-bonded to his new sire?
  • The new childe is simply 1/3 blood-bonded to his new sire?
  • Aside the blood sympathy, there is no initial blood bond between the two?
  • Something else?

I'm interested by viewpoints, as well as references (books, pages, etc.)

(I never found those answers in the new WoD rulebooks)

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Ghouls, page 87, "Embracing Your Ghoul"

Finally, once the ghoul is Embraced, he retains any blood addiction and Vinculums he possessed as a ghoul.

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It should be noted that the text from Ghouls seems to be overriding the core book, which states that the all-consuming power of the Embrace destroys all blood addictions and blood bonds. My group generally runs with the idea that the most-recently-published book takes precedence, but it's something to consider. – Lord_Gareth May 4 '13 at 16:11

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