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What is the average attack of 30th level D&D character? (Of course this number must be calculated without uber-strong homebrew items).

My real question is this: What is the average chance of average character to hit some late game boss like Demogorgon (AC:48, Reflex:43)?

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Here is what a Level 30 character could have, if optimized to hit.

  • +15 Levels
  • +10 prime stat of 30 (assumes an extra +2 to the prime stat from Epic Destiny)
  • +3 an expertise feat
  • +6 a +6 weapon
  • +3 weapon proficiency bonus

That's +37 without anything special added. You'll need an 11+ to hit Demogorgon, right at 50/50. Attacks against other defenses vary considerably, but figure 2 less as a rule of thumb.

A character not as optimized to hit will be probably 2 less:

  • Not having a stat boost due to an Epic Destiny
  • Using a weapon with only a +2 proficiency bonus

There are several ways for a character to improve his or her chance to hit

  • Fighter weapon talent
  • Rogues weapon talent
  • Kensei Focus
  • accurate implements

A character devoted to hitting should get an extra +1 from somewhere. Throw in Combat Advantage and you are swinging at +40. That should be enough to have a reasonable chance to hit most anything.

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