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I have the DM Screen included with the DM Kit. It depicts an underdark scene, and I can recognize:

  • a gargoyle
  • a beholder
  • some zombies
  • a mind flayer
  • an umber hulk
  • a black dragon
  • a bugbear
  • two drow
  • a drider
  • a fire giant or titan?
  • a roper

But what are the other monsters? One looks like a vampire, there's a female humanoid whose arm is dissolving into bugs, lots of bats, an orc? next to the bugbear, two stony-looking monsters, two hell hounds? held by the giant, and bats made of fire.

I'm just curious, is all. I can't find the rest of them in the DM Book.

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I don't believe this is a bad question, but answers should attempt to be comprehensive, not individual answers. – C. Ross Apr 3 '12 at 13:43
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The woman whose arm is dissolving into beetles is a 4e lamia, detailed on page 174 of the Monster Manual.

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The bats made of fire are creatively called fire bats. (monster manual p. 27)

The fire (giant?) is most likely holding two (firebred?) hell hounds(as you guessed). (monster manual, page 160)

I'm leaning towards fire giant since the hounds are medium elemental beasts, and the giant isn't much bigger.

The vampire-looking person is probably either a vampire spawn or vampire lord (monster manual page 258-259)

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The two stony looking monsters, based on similarity of depictions, look to be troglodytes. The troglodytes in the Monster Vault look very similar.

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