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I'm trying to find out which powers allow the Battlemind to place encounter-long marks. I know that the class feature Battlemind's Demand lets you do this to two targets, but most of the other powers only let a Battlemind mark until the end of your next turn.

Are there any other powers that let the Battlemind mark until the end of the encounter?

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  • Precognitive Eye - Daily 15 - Pg 43 Psionic Power
  • Focus Bind - Daily 19 - Pg 45 Psionic Power
  • Iron Presence - At Will 23 (w/Augment 6 in Close Burst 2) - Pg 46 Psionic Power

Note: Luring Steel - Daily 13 - 51 PHB3 - lets you use Battlemind's demand against different numbers of targets depending on augmentation. Also Iron Presence without augmentation functions the same as Battlemind's Demand with augmentation.

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