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Do Readied Actions or Delayed Turns count against your usage limits for Opportunity Actions or Immediate Actions?

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The trigger for a readied action is an Immediate Action. If you have used your Immediate action prior to the readied trigger then you are out of luck.

Immediate Reaction: A readied action is an immediate reaction. It takes place after your enemy completes the action that triggers it.

DelayDDI is a NO ACTION. You must delay your entire turn. This does not provide you with an extra opportunity or immediate action.

  1. Regular turn
  2. Delay (Opportunity Action(OA) and Immediate Actions do not reset)
  3. Coming back into Initiative, start turn (now OA and Immediate's reset)
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This seems to make sense, but could you provide supporting rules citations? – Iszi Feb 18 '11 at 13:47

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