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If I remember correctly, the computer game hero-quest was based on rules from a table-top rpg. Does anyone know which rpg's rules it was based on?

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It was based on the classic Games Workshop / MB board game Hero Quest. (This was one of the better GW releases of the era.) GW released an Advanced version which came closer to roleplay; it allowed for a GM and some ability development. Still clearly a board game though.

(Given this answer, this Q/A might belong on boardgames.SE, although arguably AHQ is a much a roleplay as D&D4e.)

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Heh, many of us don't really feel 4E is really roleplaying either. So maybe we should send all 4E questions to boardgames.SE too... :-) –  BBlake Feb 23 '11 at 12:25
Heh, well if you send all 4E questions to B&CG at least I could have all my rep in one spot :) –  Pat Ludwig Feb 24 '11 at 3:53

The HeroQuest computer game is an implementation of the GW/Milton Bradley board game, Hero Quest.

It draws heavily from the shared tropes of the Warhammer line of games, including Warhammer Fantasy Battle and especially Warhammer FRP. It shares some minor mechanical similarities with WFRP, but is not actually the same system.

There also was an Advanced HeroQuest. It used a similar ruleset and compatible components, but was more involved.

The whole HeroQuest system is out of print.

There is a HeroQuest RPG, but it's unrelated to the board game, being instead related to RuneQuest. It is currently in print in a 2nd edition, it's first edition being the revision of the slightly older version called Hero Wars.

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