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In D&D3e, if you successfully hit a target you always did at least 1 point of damage (before applying Damage Resistance), even if you had a Strength penalty. I can't find any mention of that rule in the 5e PHB. Does the rule no longer apply, or did I just overlook it?

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Rounding rules in 5e were a problem since the beginning.

For example, RAW, at level one you do not heal at all from a long rest (half your HD is 0.5 which is rounded down to 0). This issue was addressed here by Mike Mearls, so this time the RAW was actually contradicted.

However, in your case it is correct to say the rule no longer applies. Another tweet (god I wish we had that back in the 90s) clarifies that the minimum is indeed 0.

There is not a damage minimum of 1, so it is possible to deal 0 damage with an attack.

Jack Abrasion @jackAbrasion
@JeremyECrawford Do attacks do a minimum 1 point of damage, or would an unarmed strike from a goblin (STR -1) do 0 damage?

8:56 AM - 11 Jun 2015

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I don't see what rounding has to do with my question, but the second tweet you linked to definitely clears it up, thanks! I wish they'd stated that in the actual rules. – Wyvern Jan 21 at 22:53
For example if you roll a save against some damage and it gets halved – AnalysisStudent0414 Jan 21 at 23:08
That's not RAW since the errata that fixed it. – SevenSidedDie Jan 22 at 0:33
Added text from tweet just in case links break ... – KorvinStarmast Jan 22 at 13:24
That plus the tweet proving it are the answer - the OP is right in that the other parts are burying the lede and are not relevant to the OP's question. We are not a "yes/no" website but we are an "answer the question asked" website. – mxyzplk Jan 23 at 12:51

There is no such rule in 5e.

An unarmed strike by someone (other than a monk) with less than 10 strength will never do any damage, for example.

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Unless they critical. – Dumpcats Jan 22 at 7:40
Yeah... and unless in that case, their strengh score is 7 or less. – JSRules Jan 25 at 17:21

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