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I have seen tons of blogs for other games (D&D, etc), but never a blog that deals solely, mostly, or even regularly with GURPS. Are there any (good) ones out there?


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This site T Bones Games Diner has a lot of GURPS related articles but as I don't play GURPS I can't comment on it's quality. :)

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The quality is excellent. – RS Conley Apr 21 '11 at 14:54
Agreed - TBone has a lot of good suggestions here and is a great place to start getting your rules tinkering fix. – Douglas Cole Aug 17 '14 at 0:28
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A couple of very good quality GURPS blogs I found recently:

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The Cheese Shop is another small blog devoted to GURPS.

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Following the links to Gaming Ballistic and Dungeon Fantastic will get you to a host of other GURPS blogs as well:

From GB:

No School Grognard

One Yard Hex

Ravens n Pennies - this one is by Christopher Rice, one of the most prolific authors in Pyramid Magazine.

Game in the Brain

Insidious GURPS Planning

RPG Snob

Testujin No Llama Matt Riggsby's blog. Good stuff.

From DF:

Sorcerer's Labyrinth

German Geek

Don't Forget Your Boots

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