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I have a multiclass tempest cleric/sorcerer.

If I twin Witch Bolt and then use Channel Divinity: Destructive Wrath, which allows me to deal max thunder or lightning damage, are both bolts impacted? I assume I can concentrate on both because it is one spell casting but is the lingering effect of witch bolt also maximized?

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You can do this, but you will need to expend multiple uses of Channel Divinity.

Channel Divinity: Destructive Wrath (PHB, P. 62; emphases mine)

When you roll lightning or thunder damage, you can use your Channel Divinity to deal maximum damage, instead of rolling.

Note that this use of Channel Divinity is for a damage roll, not for a spell. It can be for any effect that causes lightning or thunder damage.

If you expend a sorcery point to Twin Spell a Witch Bolt, you will have two spell attacks that could each do damage. Each is a separate damage roll, so each would require a separate use of Channel Divinity to maximize. The ongoing damage each round from Witch Bolt is another separate roll, and thus would require another use of Channel Divinity. Given that clerics have a maximum of three uses of Channel Divinity between rests (and that at 18th level), this is probably not that efficient.

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This makes it more efficient to go straight storm sorcerer or bronze / blue dragon sorcerer, since they get plenty of damage bonuses. Although cleric may give enough defensive bonuses to make it worthwhile anyways. – Axios_Verum Jul 13 at 18:38

Yes it should do max damage.

Per PHB PG. 289 Witch bolt is lightening damage.

Per PBH PG. 62

channel divinity: destructive wrath when you roll lightening or thunder damage, you can use your channel divinity to deal Maximum damage instead of rolling.

I do not see this being limited to cleric sourced lightening in any way.

Sorcerer twinned spells select another target, so that would generate another damage roll, so a twinned witch bolt spell would also be a perfect use of this feature. Very powerful.

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Sorry - my question is less about whether I can apply the cleric ability to sorcerer spells and more if the cleric ability impacts both twinned spells and the twinned lingering effects. – Zule Feb 1 at 20:29
@Zule I read the section on twinned spell's and I can't see anything limiting its use when coupled with channel divinity. I'd say this is a powerful combo. I have added that to my answer. – Escoce Feb 1 at 20:35

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