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Let's say I made a dwarf character. In the dwarf traits I should add +2 constitution. If I pick Hill Dwarf as my subrace do I get both +2 constitution AND +1 Wisdom from hill dwarf trait?

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You have to choose one.

Subrace is a trait from the dwarf race, with the following description (PHB 20):

Subrace. Two main subraces of dwarves populate the worlds of D&D: hill dwarves and mountain dwarves. Choose one of these subraces.

And yes, you get both bonuses (so +2 Constitution and +1 Wisdom).

(Note that there is a third official subrace available in the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, the gray dwarves, also known as the duergar (SCAG 104). This subrace can cast some spells innately, but suffers from sunlight, like the other Underdark races.)

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To clarify on a more broad term, you always get the benefits of the race AND the subrace when you choose, never just one – Nemenia Feb 8 at 16:04
Also, races with subraces are balanced such that, if you didn't pick a subrace, you'd end up weaker on average than characters who chose one of the other races. – Shaun Feb 8 at 17:43
Strictly speaking, the phrase "Two main subraces of dwarves populate the worlds..." leaves open the possibility of additional subraces existing. However, these other subraces are not defined and so cannot officially be given racial stats. To fail to do so, or to not provide a homebrew subrace in its place (with DM approval), would be to handicap your character. – GalacticCowboy Feb 8 at 19:36
There is a third official subrace, I added the information in my answer :) – Yotus Feb 8 at 20:53
If it were me, I'd allow you to roll your own subrace if you really want, but as its not one of the two main races, any interaction with other dwarves you'd carry out with a significant negative penalty due to your accent and looks marking you as their equivalent of a country bumpkin. "Nearly as bad as elves, them kind..." – T.E.D. Feb 8 at 21:04

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