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A while back, my group decided to see if we could come up with a way to get an Exalted Character, with unlimited XP and Personal Artifacts (those that can be worn for example), to run across creation in less than 10 minutes.

What we came up with was the following: An Infernal of the Fiend Caste with Essence 10, who had taken the Lunar charm Instinct-Driven Beast Movement which lets you increase your running speed for a scene by a multiplier depending on how much essence you spent, who also had Running to Forever and all of the Ajorani charms to make running count as sleep and being able to dash reflexively every tick. Couple that with a line of cultists across creation and Murder is Meat to gain back essence as you run by to further increase the amount of essence spent on Instinct-Driven Beast Movement which further increases your speed. We got to about 20 minutes to run across creation from East to West (coupled with some boots that let you run on water, can't remember which ones right now).

Our above example is flawed in a couple of ways. The primary one is they errataed it to clarify that scene long charms leave their motes committed, so we couldn't exponentially increase running speed.

Using the following guidelines, how fast could an optimized Exalt run across Creation from East to West?

  1. Must be an Exalt - It can be any kind of Exalt, Alchemical, Infernal, Solar, Lunar, etc. (Bonus points if you can make a Dragon Blooded.) Essence can be as high as 10, and taking the charms which gives you extra motes would be ideal.
  2. No Instantaneous travel, and must be ground based travel - This must actually be done by running across creation, without the aid of vehicles.
  3. Core and Supplements Only - So no fan-created charms, and I would also say exclude the Ink Monkeys charms as well. Anything printed in the Scroll of Errata is acceptable.
  4. Dreams of the First Age doesn't exist - That book, is IMO kind of broken, so I'd prefer if we can come up with something awesome not using it.
  5. Assumptions about path - Assume that the path from the east to west is a straight and perfectly flat road, until you hit the sea in the west. Thus, no terrain penalties until you hit water, at which you would have to have some way to deal with it, if possible.
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It feels like your sort of but not quite forbidding a sidereal who can guarantee three success on yellow path, are you? –  sebsmith Apr 29 '11 at 18:16
@sebsmith I would say that Yellow Path is fine, however there is no hard deadline to beat, so getting there in "10 minutes" isn't allowed. The premise here is an Exalt is doing it for fun, and not under duress. I'd count that among instantaneous travel prohibition. (That's a great thought though, and certainly a simple answer if you have a deadline). –  Cthos Apr 29 '11 at 18:27
1. Permanent Essence doesn't actually cap at 10, despite the Incarnae having 10 Essence and there being no Essence 11+ charms published. 2. Infinite XP means infinite permanent Essence. 3. Any charm where distance or speed is based on Essence solves this problem. The first thing that comes to mind is Mountain-Crossing Leap Technique, which IIRC comes to ~200mph jumps when you can first take it (Essence 3 or 4, something around there). Although, I supposed MCLT isn't technically running. ~_^ –  Brian S Nov 7 '13 at 20:34

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If I understand the current Lunar errata spoilers, a Lunar should be able to, at essence 10, grow legs long enough to cross the entire distance in one step.

Other than that, or some sort of perfect racing charm like the Unconquered Sun has or the Yellow Path suggestion I made, any eclipse-like character taking all the speed boosting charms they can get should be able to, like you originally said, have the record.

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I don't think this will be getting any more comments, so Best answer = the only answer (but good suggestions, none-the-less). –  Cthos May 3 '11 at 17:40
Is there anyway you could flesh out this answer? –  Pureferret Dec 27 '11 at 17:37

I know its been forever, but You could also look at the conviction style ma charm Hurried proof. 1 mote and you take up to your dex+ma movement actions in one tick so long as you attack at the end. So.. however much you increased your movement by you could increase it by a further order of magnitude before hitting essence 5 and twice that at essence 10.

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