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In GURPS Campaigns (p381) it states that a skill of 15+ means that a roll of 5 counts as a critical, and 16+ means that a 6 counts as a critical. Does this threshold continue to rise?

Ex: Does Shortsword skill 17+ mean that a roll of 7 is a critical?

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Gurps 4th Basic Set - Campaigns p.347 (just for reference) – Yolgie Mar 26 '12 at 8:42
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No. The threshold for critical successes (and by extension, critical hits) is capped at 6. This keeps things from getting ridiculous with very high skills, which are common in some GURPS genres such as Supers and epic fantasy.

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Some people have house rules providing for extended criticals, but they tend to be things like "Critical on a 7 if effective skill is 20, critical on an 8 at effective skill 25, critical on a 8 at effective skill 30". Having the critical threshold rise at 1:1 with effective skill makes it so cost-effective to have skill in the region of 24 that the game stops being any fun. – John Dallman Jul 23 at 17:10

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