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There's not a lot published in 5e (relative to 2, 3, 3.5, 4), nor is there planned to be. However, there are playable races published by WotC scattered around in a few different locations that people may not even know about. What are all the playable races, and where can one find each?

Topicality and utility of this question discussed in Meta here. Inspired by this question.

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I gave this a CW lock to keep it to a single answer, but saw that also has the side effect of locking the votes, which seems counterproductive. So I unlocked it; we can save that for if there's a problem with multiple answers showing up, I guess. – SevenSidedDie Mar 17 at 3:29


Monster Manual, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Rise of Tiamat, Tyranny of Dragons Player's Guide, Out of the Abyss, Rage of Demons Player's Guide, and Curse of Strahd all do not provide playable races.


  • Aarakocra (EE)
  • Aasimar (DMG)
  • Anthropomorphic Mice (DMG)
  • Deep Gnome/Svirfneblin (EE, SCAG)
  • Dragonborn (SRD, PHB)
  • Dwarf: Mountain or Hill (PBR, SRD only Hill, PHB)
  • Dwarf: Duergar (SCAG)
  • Elf: High, Wood, or Drow (PBR, SRD only High, PHB)
  • Elf: Eladrin (DMG)
  • Genasi (PotA, EE)
  • Gnome (SRD, PHB)
  • Goliath (EE)
  • Halfling: Lightfoot or Stout (PBR, SRD only Lightfoot, PHB)
  • Halfling: Ghostwise (SCAG)
  • Half-Elf (SRD, PHB)
  • Half-Elf: Variant (SCAG)
  • Half-Orc (SRD, PHB)
  • Human: standard or variant (PBR, SRD only standard, PHB)
  • Tiefling (SRD, PHB)
  • Tiefling: Variant (SCAG)

Disclaimer: As always, consult your DM before playing one of these races: these races may not be for all players. Stop playing a race if you're not having fun doing so. Neither Wizards of the Coast nor RPG.SE are responsible for anything you do while playing one of these races. Please roll responsibly.

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What about Unearthed Arcana. I realize they aren't cannon, but they are races in play test: Changling, Shifter and Warforged (Ebberon 1.1), Tiefling Variant (Old Black Magic), Minotaur [Krynn] (Waterbone) – J. A. Streich Mar 17 at 2:14
@J.A.Streich I hadn't even given those a thought. Given the disclaimer atop every UA I'd hesitate to include them in the list; perhaps a second list, or a second answer? They are published by WotC, but they're not as "official" as the ones above.... Sleep on it and do what you think best--that's why I CW'ed the answer =) – nitsua60 Mar 17 at 2:18
@J.A.Streich Given that there is now an official Tiefling Variant (which may be different to the UA one?) I'd say leave UA out – Adeptus Mar 17 at 2:47
The disclaimer on UA is pretty clear: the material is not in finished form. – KorvinStarmast Mar 17 at 12:32
@nitsua60 Where in the DMG are the Anthropomorphic Mice? I only see the Eladrin and Aasimar in my copy. – Lexible Mar 21 at 5:16

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