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A gift giving occasion is coming up and when my wife asked me for ideas I told her I was interested in a D&D Insider subscription. However when I went to go look up how one could give a subscription as a gift I couldn't find a way. Is there currently a way to give a D&D Insider subscription as a gift?

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The short answer to this is No, there's no official way to do that.

The Official Boards have a thread talking about this:;D_Insider_As_A_Gift

They've been talking about it for a few years it seems, but there's not a way to "send one as a gift".

I mean, you could have your wife buy you a gift Visa card or something and use that for the subscription, but that's really kinda defeating the purpose.

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Yep, unfortunately there's no way to do it through wizards. Her best bet is a gift card as @Cthos mentioned, or setting up the account with her own credit card and giving you the login info as a gift. Remember to disable the subscription auto-renew (unless she wants to gift it to you forever!) – dpatchery Jun 15 '11 at 18:58
Sadness, twas afraid of that. Oh well! – The Jug Jun 16 '11 at 4:04

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