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Lets say I have a rote spell set up with 4 shifts for a straight attack. Because it's a rote spell I don't have to make a 4 on my discipline roll, but I still role the discipline for the attack.

So, does that mean that if I role a discipline of 2 that I do 6 stress (excluding any defense)?

Or am I wrong and I just do the 4 stress?

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It's still an attack, so an opposed roll is still required. Since it's an attack evocation, your "attack roll" uses Discipline. The only difference is that you're not also using this same roll to control the energy of the evocation: you automatically get a roll of 0 to control it.

So yes, you still roll Discipline in an opposed roll against the target's defense, and if you win the contest, you get to add the rote's weapon rating (4) to the shifts you got in the opposed roll to determine the total stress inflicted.

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