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In Savage Worlds, Player Bennies refresh at the start of a new session. What is the best way to handle a long session?

For example what if the session is all day or even all weekend?

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I think all three answers are valid, but on balance I like @basilard99 best. I think other GMs might pick one of the other options. – David Allan Finch Aug 2 '11 at 8:04
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I prefer releasing bennies (or in my case 'chips' :)) after a story milestone is reached. So, in a long session, you might have 2-3 big 'events'. I'd refresh the bennies after those.

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While GMNoob has a good answer, I think a long session is a great opportunity to use bennies to influence player behavior. If a player does something cool, or plays to their character, or whatever behavior you're looking for, give them a benny.

In a very long session (a day or more) you would likely want to balance this by giving out bennies on some set schedule, perhaps 8 hours of play. This keeps less engaged players from being overly neglected.

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Best answer. Bennies should flow mainly from play not just from the dole. – mxyzplk Jul 23 '11 at 18:44

Set pre-determined time for snack breaks, or declare 2-4 hours blocks of time. At the begining of each of those time blocks, release the bennies!

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