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As the title of the Q says.

Are there any PnP RPGs based on those works of Michael Moorcock whose (anti)hero is not Elric?

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Yes, the Hawkmoon RPG. Chaosium planned to do a whole Eternal Champion series but Stormbringer (Elric) and Hawkmoon (Dorian Hawkmoon) were the only two that hit. They have been made available again in PDF courtesy of Chaosium and Mongoose. Mongoose had said they were working on a RQII version of Hawkmoon and Corum but it doesn't appear that they ever appeared.

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Not complete RPGs, but there are two supplements for the Chaosium Elric RPG by Darcsyde Publications. The Hawkmoon RPG, based on the same rules set employed in their versions of Runequest and Call of Cthulhu. RPG.Net has a review on the system if you're interested in reading about it. There was also a supplement for the old Chaosium Elric Game for Corum published by the same company.

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