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So, I've heard a lot of English RPG podcasts and it turns out, that a lot of them constantly talk about the Sons of Kryos show. I thought this might be a good inspiration and went out to get hold of their episodes.

Turns out, their site at http://www.sonsofkryos.com/ is down. They have a LJ site at http://sonsofkryos.livejournal.com/, but all the audio files link to the aforementioned domain, which is unavailable. The same thing goes for their feedburner feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/Sonsofkryos and a vast list of postcast aggregation sites like iTunes, podcasters.tv and others.

I tried looking on Isohunt, but no luck there. I also found a thread on Story Games on this (http://story-games.com/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=14170), but it seems like no-one uploaded anything.

So my question is: Where do I get the archive of the Sons of Kryos podcast episodes?

Thanks for your help. I guess you could help a lot of people with this.

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I just checked the Wayback Machine and though it has archived the pages, it never archived the MP3s. :( –  SevenSidedDie Sep 9 '11 at 16:58
It's listed in the iTunes store under podcasts but there are no eps in there. –  mxyzplk Sep 10 '11 at 1:04
I don't have an answer but I have a promise. I'm trying to track down my copies of the episodes and once I do I will put them up in a dropbox folder for folks to peruse and will put them back up on a site. Thank you for your continued interest in this show. –  Judd Sep 13 '11 at 4:02
That would be awesome indeed. There's just so much one hears about the show. :-) –  PiHalbe Sep 13 '11 at 7:43
Hey Judd, what about that copy of the Sons of Kryos episodes? Any luck? –  PiHalbe Jan 4 '12 at 14:43

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It looks like this archive goes back to Episode 47.

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Those don't work for me either - episode descriptions are there but if you press "play" no love. I think they've deliberately taken them down from everywhere they're syndicated. –  mxyzplk Sep 12 '11 at 22:10
Those link to the feedburner site which in turns links to the old domain www.sonsofkryos.com which is down. It's common that podcast aggregation sites only provide the links to the original hosting server. I would be surprised to find anything different. –  PiHalbe Sep 13 '11 at 7:40

Vimeo has a video Sons of Kryos 1. I messaged the account there with a link to this thread. Maybe someone who could/would help will see it :)

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Sadly, I never got any response to my email :( –  mghicks Apr 2 '12 at 20:48

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