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× 1818
Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition from 2008 (includes Essentials)
× 1231
a 2003 revision of D&D Third Edition.
× 1153
a fork of the d20 ruleset that was open licensed from Dungeons & Dragons v3.5.
× 545
The practical arts and methods applied to gamemastering.
× 328
Not related to any one particular system or rules. You want solutions to the question that are not directly tied to a game's mechanics.
× 314
accomplish an effect.
× 286
"Shopping" questions asking for a recommendation on a game system, product, tool, or similar. Game recommendation questions and answers on RPG.SE must follow certain guidelines. Click "learn more..." …
× 285
Character creation (also: character generation or character design) is the process of making a character whose role the Player will assume. Character creation is about realizing the concept of the cha…
× 282
Questions relating to Dungeons & Dragons as a whole, or to multiple versions of Dungeons & Dragons.
× 276
Combat refers to the systems used in roleplaying games to resolve conflict through violent means, often to the death of one or more characters. Combat often involves several subsystems that determine …
× 176
imbued with magic in some way, usually beneficial but occasionally detrimental, such as a cloak which renders the wearer invisible or a hammer which returns to its wielder when thrown.
× 167
In Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition and higher, additional properties of a character chosen from a wide list which grant small bonuses in specific circumstances.
× 160
it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured? This tag covers questions relating to monstrous antagonists.
× 160
serving as game master (GM) for the first time, either in role-playing as a hobby or with regards to a particular game.
× 151
Questions pertaining to character optimization (CharOp).
× 151
Abilities of characters that typically, but not always, apply to a wider setting than simply combat.
× 148
the person who is in charge of running the game, including having final say over how actions are resolved. Also referred to as Dungeon Master (DM), Referee, …
× 148
an urban-fantasy/horror game setting created by White Wolf Publishing, best known for its flagship game, Vampire: the Masquerade.
× 145
a generic RPG from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The core values of the system are explicitly stated as, "Fast! Furious! and Fun!"
× 139
An online or offline tool used in preparing or running a RPG.
× 136
a Fate based system set in Jim Butcher's modern-magic and hardboiled-detective world.
× 132
Discrete abilities of a character, typically but not always associated with combat.
× 128
Interpretations and applications of rules that only take into consideration specifically what published game material states. Questions involving this tag require explicit citations of the rules in qu…
× 128
Writing, managing, and expanding campaigns.
× 125
A generic game engine combining described character traits with numeric skills, and using metagame currency to provide players expanded agency.
× 118
Specifically relating to the process of depicting a character in an RPG. Do not use as a general marker for any question.
× 118
new to a specific system or to RPGs in general.
× 109
Published or player-created game worlds in which ongoing adventures take place.
× 100
Shadowrun Fourth Edition, by Catalyst Games, is a cyberpunk role-playing game where magic, cybernetics and virtual reality coexist. Player characters are known as shadowrunners. They act in the shadow…
× 96
Powers that derive from elemental forces, deities, spirits, or other non-technological sources.
× 94
fan created additions and replacements to core rules in a rules set. In most cases, they are not officially sanctioned by the designer, in contrast to optional rules.
× 92
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (a.k.a. "AD&D", "first edition", "1e") was written by Gary Gygax in three volumes between 1977 and 1979.
× 86
Equipment usable by characters to cause damage to other characters.
× 81
Issues related to designing RPG system mechanics.
× 76
The original release of Dungeons & Dragons third edition from 2000, not including the v3.5 revised edition.
× 74
The social aspects of role-playing games.