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You can, but it won't help you in these cases. The target is a creature, which definitely includes you unless you are an inanimate object. The effects will likely not help you, since Effects that last a certain number of rounds end just before the same initiative count that they began on. (Core Rulebook page 178). So it usually only helps yourself ...


You can touch yourself (har har...), although with the listed domain powers it's fairly useless unless your table wants to houserule that the bonus lasts until the end of your next turn (by default, it will end just as your next turn starts). You can target yourself with any touch power or spell that doesn't specify that you cannot. [Note that if you are ...


It's a separate action to use the Channel Divinity. Let's say you're playing a Paladin who has Channel Divinity: Divine Strength which is a Minor Action. Round 1 - Minor Action to use CD: Divine Strength + Standard Action to attack Round 2 - Standard Action to use the Medic's Weapon Daily and gain a second use of Channel Divinity + Minor Action to use ...


Reading it straight, it appears to cost a standard action to give you a "free" Channel Divinity that must be used before the end of the encounter or be lost. It does not appear to automatically use that Channel nor give you an action to allow you to do so, so you must spend another action to activate it.

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