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The second edition books have recently (mid 2015) become digitally available on dndclassics.com. At least, the Player's Handbook and Monstrous Manual have. The Dungeon Master's Guide still seems to be missing.


Yes, you can search multiple times. It is limited by time/danger though: each search of a 10'×10' section takes ten minutes (1 turn). Searching a 10'×10' room 10 times would take an hour and forty minutes, which will eat up torches, lantern oil, and trigger a few wandering monster checks. It would also waste a lot of time if the adventure is ...


I think the official answer is it's a one-time deal. But lots of people allow re-rolls. A guy in this discussion says you can't. A guy on this blog says you can (though "old school D&D" may not refer to AD&D). As the blog says, multiple searches and/or multiple party members searching is the best way to ensure you find all the secrets. As both ...

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