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Yes, if the mage casts sleep centred on herself, and there at no lower-HD creatures nearby which soak up the effect before it affects the mage, she will fall asleep. The spell effect doesn't come into being until the spell is complete, so the sleep spell's effect certainly won't prevent itself from coming into effect.


It's not always the best choice. Depending on what your measure of "best" is, it may actually be a worse choice. Pick specialty priest when you feel like the unique abilities are especially neat and that's what you want to play. In particular, there's no attempt at balance in the specialty priest options, so if that is part of one's measure of "best" then ...


The first edition Monster Manuals don't have a "table with monster level" - you are probably thinking of the random encounter tables from the 1e DMG Appendix C. Similarly, the random encounter tables are not found in the monster books themselves in 2e. In 2e, the DMG (Chapter 11) teaches you how to create random encounter tables rather than, frankly ...


I've found a very good app for android only, it's name is AD&D 2e Character Sheet. The thing is that needs some adjusments, needs to be improved and needs some house rules too. But is awesome. Now I am trying to make my own android app...is pretty hard since I have no clue about programming.

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