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A purely urban campaign was one of the most memorable 1st edition AD&D campaigns I ever played in and would share these tips from that experience: What you haven't planned for: as a dense concentration of humanity (or demihumans), a city is an impossible canvas to plan for entirely. But that is its greatest strength as well. All things are possible at ...


If you're okay with something more constrained, the Pathfinder "Reign of Winter" adventure path is explicitly Russian in flavor, set in a Russian expy called Irrisen and pitting the player characters against Baba Yaga. (There's a more direct link, too, but saying more runs the risk of spoilers.)


It's not for D&D specifically, but I own Mythic Russia which is a HeroQuest-based game that is completely about that kind of setting, written by a professor of Russian history. He has a "Mythic Russia" blog that is still active! Maybe take a break from AD&D and run that, or at least loot it for info. I haven't played Mythic Russia but HeroQuest (of ...


The only setting I'm familiar with that had even a touch of Slavic influence was the 2e Birthright setting. The Vosgaard region was explicitly based on medieval Rus, and you should be able to find some information in the Tribes of the Heartless Waste accessory if you can find it. Beyond that I don't know if there's much more out there.

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