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All walls are passable, all mountains easily circumvented, all mundane enemies easily slain, every weather condition easily changed, every thought and alignment easily scryed, masses of people charmed at no cost. All of these things are extremely mundane. When you're dealing with Epic characters, you need a proper Epic setting, with proper Epic ...


Yes it totally can! Believe is the immense magic force, which spawned the whole dimension called Closetland into existence! So the far side of the moon could really be a dark place, where the sun never reached - although adults would not see it as such, or would find a scientific explanation!


For my campaigns I prefer complex storylines with lots of twists and mystery. The strategy I outline below can be adapted to a large-scale world building style game or a small self-contained 1-2 month campaign. It's adaptable since you build up complexity as you go. Lastly, this approach allows you to build your world and your story simultaneously which, in ...

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