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This answer make me the feel like the crusty old DM. AD&D was far more based on roleplay than dicerolling (see What are the big differences between the D&D editions? ). Because of that it was fun and easy to get a group of friends together and play with a great deal of flexability and imagination. As an example the AD&D answer to this ...


For another perspective, it was a basic assumption that every PC would have 1 or more NPC henchmen. So having 6-8 characters did not assume that they would all be player characters.


For the most part, it’s the former: AD&D groups often had six, eight, or more people playing. When those adventures were written, tabletop gaming, and AD&D in particular, were extremely popular. You could find RPG clubs just about anywhere, and when the clubs met it was not uncommon to have ten gamers to a table. And remember, when they say 6 to 8 ...

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